The company started it's business in 1977, in
the beginning with trade and transportation of
fruits and horticulture products. Since that,
AGROPEL Agroindustrial Perazzoli Ltd. achieved
success and the market recognizing in the
segments of production, conservation, classification and trade of fine fruits. With the head office in Fraiburgo, in the state of Santa Catarina, south region of Brazil, the great production center knowed as the Brazilian Capital of Apple, the company has several subsidiaries in the cities of São Paulo/SP, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Curitiba/PR, Lapa/PR, Vacaria/RS and more Videira, Campo Belo do Sul, São Joaquim and Bom Retiro in Santa Catarina. Present in the Brazilian and international markets, AGROPEL exports, imports and  distributes many kinds of fruits, supplying the greatest supermarket nets and the food centrals of the most important Brazilian cities.

  With more than 80 frigorific chambers, the conservation
capacity excels 40 thousand tons, in controlled atmosphere. This
allows AGROPEL to offer fruits in any season of the year. In it's
catalog, besides apples, a great variety of Brazilian and foreign
fruits, distributes with the marks FRUPEL, AGROPEL and PARAiSO.